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lbussell and drashna Add rules.mk to ortho_4x12/buswerks keymap (#4405)
* Added buswerks keymap

* cleaned up comments on buswerks keymap

* Added buswerks keymap readme.md

* Fixed spelling in buswerks readme.md

* Removed unnecessary includes, changed process_record_user to now use set_single_persistent_default_layer(), removed deprecated functions, and moved the audio ifdef block to config.h

* Changed buswerks ortho_4x12 layout to accommodate 'MIT' layout

* Updated README.md to reflect layout changes

* update buswerks keymap

* add buswerks tragicforce68 keymap
Latest commit b26ccf9 Nov 12, 2018


Tragicforce 68

Magicforce 68 with Tragicforce 68 replacement PCB from Keebio.

Keyboard Maintainer: Keebio
Hardware Supported: Pro Micro
Hardware Availability: Keebio

Make example for this keyboard (after setting up your build environment):

make tragicforce68:default

Example of flashing this keyboard:

make tragicforce68:default:avrdude

See build environment setup then the make instructions for more information.