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Let's Split Vitamins Included

Let's Split Vitamins included, assmebled in 3D printed case

This readme and most of the code are from the lets split readme

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Hardware files for the Let's Split vitamins included are stored here


Some features supported by the firmware:

  • Either half can connect to the computer via USB, or both halves can be used independently.
  • Optional support for I2C connection between the two halves if for some reason you require a faster connection between the two halves. Note that this requires 4 conductors between halves, and as such requires a TRRS cable.

Required Hardware

Amount Description
1 PCB kit from novelkeys
48 MX compatible switches
48 1U keycaps
1 Mini-usb-B cable or USB-C cable for rev2. Keep in mind rev2.0 doesn't work with USB-C <> USB-C cables
1 TRS / TRRS cable

Optional Hardware

A speaker can be hooked-up to the footprint on the PCBs. It is already enabled in the default firmware.

WS2812 LEDs can be added to the board. Check the different revision readme for specifics.

Using I2C

On the left half PCB, there's two pads labled I2C Pullup if you want to use I2C, you need to bridge those two solder jumpers with a soldering iron.

You can change your configuration between serial and i2c by modifying your config.h file.

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