flashing utility for the Atmel AVR USB family
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Latest commit e7b05bd Jan 25, 2017 @skullydazed skullydazed committed on GitHub Make the program feel more native. (#40)
* Switch to system specific fonts and colors
* Add a menu for the mac to enable About, Copy, and Select All.
* Fix selection on the status box

Improvements were based on, or inspired by, these articles:

* https://blog.avocode.com/blog/4-must-know-tips-for-building-cross-platform-electron-apps
* https://www.sitepoint.com/css-system-styles/



Check out the releases (darwin is OSX)


We welcome contributions from everyone. Contributions may take the form of code, documentation, bug reports, feature requests, and any other activity that will improve QMK Firmware Flasher. We ask that you follow a few guidelines when contributing:

  • Be excellent to each other
  • The primary audience for this tool is non-technical
  • Indent your code with 2 spaces and use One True Brace Style.


This app uses Node.js. To get started you will need to download and install an appropriate version.



Download and install the version that best fits your situation.


If you have homebrew installed you can install node that way:

brew install node

Starting the App

To run the app in development mode, enter the directory and:

npm install && npm start

Make A Release

Setup your environment:

  • Install electron-packager globally (npm install -g electron-packager)
  • (If on Linux or OSX) Install wine (brew install wine)
  • Run "npm install"

Make Windows Package

The dist-win32.sh script will build a release in ~/QMK Firmware Flasher.

Make OS X Package

Use npm run pack on OS X to make a DMG that can be distributed.