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Certain files were not included that were needed on Windows 10. This version fixes that.

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Windows Note: Please uninstall the old version first!

We have renamed this from QMK Firmware Flasher to QMK Flasher, and as a result Windows sees it as a separate program. Please uninstall QMK Firmware Flasher before installing this version.


  • Theme support, pick from Default, Platform, Modern Selectric, and Nantucket Selectric
  • Bring to front support, bring the flasher to the front when the firmware file changes
  • New icon and branding

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This is the first windows installer. Should make it easy for anyone to flash their keyboard.

Windows Instructions:

  1. Install the software
  2. During installation you will be asked if you wish to install the driver from Atmel. Click Install.
  3. Plug your keyboard in, press RESET
  4. Wait while windows tries to find a driver in Windows Update. You can tell it to skip this but you'll still wait 5-10 minutes while it searches Windows Update.
  5. Run Firmware Flasher

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Streamlined interface, more guidance, new Windows and OS X packages.

Mac Installation:

Open the DMG and drag the application into /Applications

Windows Installation:

  • Extract the zip file to C:\
  • Put your keyboard into bootloader mode
  • Find the unknown device in Device Manager, double click it
  • Click update driver (may be under the driver tab) and find the driver in C:\QMK Firmware Flasher-win32-x64\resources\app\dfu\dfu-prog-usb-1.2.2
  • Run C:\QMK Firmware Flasher-win32-x64\QMK Firmware Flasher.exe

If you encounter a libusb0.dll error: