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{sh,mv,concat,each} = require 'frosting'
readline = require 'readline'
# Prepend path to package.json dependencies' binaries
process.env.PATH = "node_modules/.bin:#{process.env.PATH}"
task 'compile', 'Compile the walrus parser', ->
sh 'jison src/walrus.yy src/walrus.l', -> mv './walrus.js', './lib/walrus/parser.js'
task 'test', 'Run the test suite', ->
sh 'mocha --reporter spec --colors'
task 'build', 'Build the walrus javascripts', ->
concat [
], ( f ) -> f.header './package.json', -> f.compile -> f.write './bin/walrus.js'
each './lib/walrus.*.coffee', ( f ) -> f.compile -> f.write "./bin/#{f.basename( )}.js"
task 'all', 'Runs all build, compilation, and test tasks in order', ->
invoke 'compile'
invoke 'build'
invoke 'test'
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