External Data Provider (writable) between Jahia and Strava
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External Data Provider Writable

External data provider to connect Jahia and Strava

  1. Installation

    • Install the Community Distribution of Digital Factory

    • Start digital factory

    • Generate your strava access tokens :

    • Complete the strava-provider-writable.xml with your access tokens

    • Deploy the module strava-provider-writable on Jahia

    • Create a site named strava-site on Jahia and use the template set Bootstrap ACME Space Templates provided by Jahia

    • Deploy the module strava-provider-writable on this site

    • Create a page on your site and add a component [jnt:stravaActivities] on this page

  2. Utilization

    • Go to the explository explorer

    • Add a new content [jnt:stravaActivity] in the folder /strava-site/contents/strava-activities/

    • Complete the field filename with a path file (GPX or TCX)

    • Go to the page of your site with the component [jnt:stravaActivities] and see that your activity was added

  3. Gulp

    • Go into the project and launch in a terminal (prerequisites : ruby, sass, compass) :

      $ npm install
      $ gulp
    • Modify the jsp and scss files