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package gltf
import (
// RelativeFileHandler implements a secure ReadHandler supporting relative paths.
// If Dir is empty the os.Getws will be used. It comes with directory traversal protection.
type RelativeFileHandler struct {
Dir string
func (h *RelativeFileHandler) fullName(uri string) string {
dir := h.Dir
if dir == "" {
var err error
if dir, err = os.Getwd(); err != nil {
return ""
return filepath.Join(dir, filepath.FromSlash(path.Clean("/"+uri)))
// WriteResource writes the resource using io.WriteFile.
func (h *RelativeFileHandler) WriteResource(uri string, data []byte) error {
return ioutil.WriteFile(uri, data, 0664)
// ReadFullResource reads all the resource data using io.ReadFull.
func (h *RelativeFileHandler) ReadFullResource(uri string, data []byte) error {
f, err := os.Open(h.fullName(uri))
if err != nil {
return err
_, err = io.ReadFull(f, data)
return err
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