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@@ -62,6 +62,13 @@ Where the jenkins_login recipe is simply:
* jenkins[:node][:ssh_pass] - SSH slave password (not required when server is installed via default recipe)
* jenkins[:node][:ssh_private_key] - jenkins master defaults to: `~/.ssh/id_rsa` (created by the default recipe)
* jenkins[:node][:jvm_options] - SSH slave JVM options
+* jenkins[:iptables_allow] - if iptables is enabled, add a rule passing `jenkins[:server][:port]`
+* jenkins[:nginx][:proxy] - use nginx to proxy traffic to jenkins backend (`"disable"` by default)
+* jenkins[:nginx][:www_redirect] - add a redirect rule for `www.*` URL requests (`"disable"` by default)
+* jenkins[:nginx][:listen_ports] - list of HTTP ports for nginx to listen on (`[80]` by default)
+* jenkins[:nginx][:host_name] - primary vhost name for nginx to respond to (`"_"` by default)
+* jenkins[:nginx][:host_aliases] - optional list of other host aliases to respond to (empty by default)
+* jenkins[:nginx][:client_max_body_size] - max client upload size (`"1024m"` by default)

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