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Sinatra in The Wild

NOTE: Feel free to fork Sinatra's website on GitHub and add your own entry to the wild.markdown file. Just push and we'll take care of the rest.

Applications {#apps}

  • Flickr Group Viewer is a (nicer?) way to view photos in a flickr group -- on GitHub.
  • OnBoard a web interface to manage Linux-based network appliances.
  • text to speech conversion for twitter
  • Tweeps conference app to aggregate tweets by attendees
  • Integrity the easy and fun Continuous Integration server
  • Pearson Reader UAE online textbooks for the Ministry of Education, Abu Dhabi
  • Healthy Communities preventative health grant applications for Government
  • Sum is an email-based budgeting application
  • Shoes and a Shotgun an one click development environment built on Shoes
  • Marley the blog engine without <textareas>
  • Postview a simple blog-engine that render text files written in Markdown.
  • Scanty an even more minimalist blogging engine
  • Scanty using CouchDB
  • Scanty using CouchDB 0.9.0a and CouchRest 0.16
  • Haze a lightweight and minimalist blogging engine using flat text files.
  • Wind HTML5 blog engine focused in a easy, extensible and fast admin.
  • git-wiki a git-powered wiki
  • Wordnatra an interface to Princeton's WordNet lexical dictionary
  • GitHub-FogBuz logs your GitHub commits with FogBuz
  • Notable listens on Jabber to take your notes and then displays them back to you
  • Dash Sinatra provides a Ruby API to push metrics from an app to the FiveRuns Dash service
  • Gaze tiny app that serves up your Markdown files
  • Giftsmas Gift Tracking Website using Sinatra, Sequel, and Scaffolding Extensions
  • Toopaste Pastebin site created with Sinatra and DataMapper
  • Columnlog Tiny feed fetching app
  • Kapow Comics on your iPhone
  • Knapsack Pack pages into data URIs
  • Thumblmonks Delayed HTTP Requests
  • weaky a basic CouchDB wiki
  • Amnesia an app that presents memcached server stats
  • Rash, Ruby, Twitter & Hashtags
  • So Nice is a Small web interface to control iTunes, Rhythmbox or MPD
  • sinatra-rubygems A complete reimplementation of the gem server command as a Sinatra application
  • Nesta is an SEO oriented CMS/blog for developers
  • Mogo A planet-style feed aggregator
  • Hancock A Single Sign On provider based on OpenID
  • Hancock Client Rack middleware client for the Hancock server, written in Sinatra
  • Rails Searchable API Doc runs on Sinatra
  • Sinatra Saucer JRuby web application frontend for Flying Saucer, which converts xhtml into a pdf
  • Wink minimalist blogging engine
  • WineAdds micro-app that calculates common additions to wine
  • Deltacloud Deltacloud protects your apps from cloud API changes and incompatibilies. REST API is written using Sinatra
  • a music collaboration application
  • Jaconda A simple team collaboration service that allows you to create chat rooms for groups through Gtalk/Jabber protocol. REST API is written in Sinatra
  • Soxer Soxer is a lean but infinitely extensible web publishing tool.
  • SinMagick a front-end for image processing and thumbnailing with flexible storage options.
  • Brakes a simple sinatra app for hosting static html on heroku.

Libraries and extensions {#libs}

Websites {#sites}

Companies using Sinatra {#biz}