PHP-based tool for generating a list of IP's to block based on country. Also blocks all EC2, because why not?
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About This Thing

What does this do?

The point of this is to generate shell scripts and be an effective resource for aggragating regional ip's for the sole purpose of blacklisting against attacks.

IPTables or Powershell Firewall rules are the intended targets for these scripts.

Why is the list so long?

Good question. Those are all the regions supported by

Why doesn't anything work?

Good question.

What's the deal with all the file read/writes?

I threw all the important junk in the "data" folder.

  • ips.txt = This is where the aggragated IP list is stored

  • banned.db.txt = This is where chosen regions are stored. It will always be shorter than regions.all.db.txt

  • regions.all.db.txt = This is where all the regions are stored. Keep on the lookout for failures when generating lists. may drop support for one or two of these in the future.

How do I use it?

Install this on your own web server. You will want to remove public access to everything related to this, as security is next to nonexistent.

  • /index.php = The GUI for managing the list of banned IPs

  • /ips.php = Used by the template to download the aggragated list of IPs