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Triangle CommandBuffer not precompiled because intel driver does not support it Jan 16, 2017

Vulkan Example

This repository wants to be a base to use Vulkan with C++ Implementation.

It uses vulkan-hpp from Nvidia and I create some objects to have a RAII idiom and simplify some of their class

All "pure Vulkan Object" are in the Vulkan/{System,Pipeline} dirent Shader should be compiler through glslangvalidator

Hello Triangle

It simply shows how to create a simple triangle without any buffer.

It use Secondary Command Buffer to perform the draw.

Triangle With VBO

It is the same triangle. However it use a vertex buffer and a "good" memory management with the "DeviceAllocator" class

Triangle With Uniform Buffer

This part had a little change. I removed the "not copyable" things from a lot of classes. The PipelineLayoutTriangle manages how to bind the uniform buffer to the pipeline.


This part show how to display one texture without mipmapping


This part show how to build mipmap from one image. It uses vkCmdBlitImage, barrier transition, there is not a lot of code which differs from Texture, but you need to understand barrier more clearly than in Texture example The code is within the bufferImageTransferer class.