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  • raphael.js
  • g.raphael.js


Creates a dot chart.


1. x number X coordinate of the centre

2. y number Y coordinate of the centre

3. width number width

4. height number height

5. valuesx array of numbers Values for x-axis.

6. valuesy array of numbers Values for y-axis.

7. size array of numbers Values for dot data.

8. opts object Options (more info soon.)



Values are,

(shorthand: full name)

+ o: "disc"
+ f: "flower"
+ d: "diamond"
+ s: "square"
+ t: "triangle"
+ *: "star"
+ x: "cross"
+ +: "plus"
+ ->: "arrow"

If omitted, an empty "" is assigned to indicate no symbols.


Value - number. If omitted, this defaults to 100. This sets the max radius for the maximum value of your dot.


Value - array of links(string). This is positional and will be mapped from left to right. For example, if you supply 'href:["",""]' and you have 4 dots, the links will be applied to the first two.


Value - "top right bottom left". If omitted, no axis will be rendered for the line chart. For example, if you wanted axis rendered for the left and bottom, (as in a typical x-y chart), you'll add 'axis:"0 0 1 1"' to opts. The axis is created using g.axis (for more information, see the g documentation).


Value - array of labels.


Value - array of labels(string).


Value - number. Sets the stepping for the x-axis.


Value - number. Sets the stepping for the y-axis.


Value - boolean. If omitted, defaults to false. Sets a spectrum of color based on your values evenly across the dots.


1. .hover(fin, fout) - fin/fout: callbacks to trigger when mouse hovers in and out respectively over the dots.

2. .click(f) - f: callback to trigger on click event.

3. .each(f) - f: callback applied to each iteration.


Create a Raphael instance,

// bare bones
var r = Raphael();
// create at top left corner of #element
var r = Raphael('dot-chart');

Create a dot chart,

// bare bones
var dotchart = r.g.dotchart(_params);
// example
var dotchart = r.g.dotchart(10,10,300,220,[5,10,15,20,25],[220,220,220,220,220],[1,2,3,4,5], {max:10});

Create labels,

// example
var axisx = ["dot1","dot2","dot3","dot4","dot5"]
r.g.dotchart(10,10,300,220,[5,10,15,20,25],[220,220,220,220,220],[1,2,3,4,5], {max:10, axis: "0 0 1 0", axisxlabels: axisx, axisxstep: 4, heat: true});

Attach click event to dotchart,

// example
 var dots = r.g.dotchart(10,10,300,220,[5,10,15,20,25],[220,220,220,220,220],[1,2,3,4,5], {max:10, href: ["","",,,""]});
  dots.each(function() { {
      // alerts href, if defined


Written by

Kenny Shen,