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# serving of squash
from bottle import route, run, send_file, abort, request, response, redirect, template
from squash import *
from settings import *
# Squash homepage, with form for generating short urls
def homepage():
return template('squashit.tpl',title='Shorten your URLs with Squash!')
# Static files
def static_file(filename):
send_file(filename, root=MEDIA_ROOT)
# Gets long url and returns shortened url
@route('/shorten/', method='POST')
def squashurl():
if 'url' in request.POST:
url = request.POST['url']
s = Squash()
shortened_url = s.sendto_lightcloud(url)
return template('squashed.tpl',title='Shorten your URLs with Squash!',result=(MYDOMAIN+shortened_url))
# Redirects to url
def transfer(id):
s = Squash()
fullurl = s.getfrom_lightcloud(id)
if fullurl is not None:
return "Invalid id."
run(host='localhost', port=MYPORT)