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Python Host Language Interface

The pyhli package offers complete access from Python to the FIS MarketMap C-Toolkit ("FAME C-HLI"). The qoma-smuggler package offers higher level functionality when working with both Python and FAME.

FAME is a fully integrated software and database management system from FIS that provides the following capabilities:

  • Time series and cross-sectional data management;
  • Financial calculation, data analysis, econometrics, and forecasting;
  • Table generation and detailed multicolor, presentation-quality report writing;
  • Multicolor, presentation-quality graphics;
  • "What-if" analysis;
  • Application development and structured programming;
  • Data transfer to and from other applications;
  • Tools for building customized graphical user interfaces.


  • Install Python (>=3.6), Scipy and Jupyter Notebook. Consider
  • Install FAME and successfully enter and exit the FAME 4GL environment.

Installation and testing

  • pip install pyhli
  • python /opt/conda/bin/
  • python /opt/conda/bin/
  • python /opt/conda/bin/

Your Python scripts directory may be somewhere other than /opt/conda/bin/. A quick trick to find the test script is pip uninstall pyhli, then respond n to the confirmation prompt. Your script directory will be displayed to your terminal.

On first use, you will be directed to a website to obtain a QOMA_PIN which will entitle you to use the pyhli for the duration of your FAME license.


Python Host Language Interface for FAME



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