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This repository is not maintained any more

MELPA package points to an original Ruby SVN repository instead - the source of ruby-electric mode lies in Ruby repositories.

Ruby Electric

Ruby Electric is a minor mode that makes writing and editing Ruby code easier.


  • handling of strings of type 'here document'
  • more keywords, with special handling for do
  • packaged into a minor mode
  • inserting matching pair delimiters like {, [, (, ', ", ' and |
  • added basic custom support for configuring keywords with electric closing and characters for which matching expansion should occur


  1. Add MELPA repository to your package archives.
  2. Install package ruby-electric using M-x package-install.
  3. Toggle Ruby Electric on using M-x ruby-electric-mode.


This work was inspired by a code snippet posted by Frederick Ros.


This code is licensed to you under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. See LICENSE for details.