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Authentic is Webmin/Usermin/Virtualmin/Cloudmin theme based on Bootstrap and Font Awesome that is made with love. It uses CodeMirror to highlight config files and show line numbers, when editing manually, CKEditor to compose comprehensive HTML based messages and DataTables to add advanced interaction controls to modules' tables. Theme runs using latest releases of dependent software (mentioned above), supporting all in-built modules (even ancient ones) and third-party modules, including ConfigServer Security & Firewall.



  • Make the theme fully support all Webmin/Usermin modules
  • Be as beautiful, fast, light and easy to use as possible
  • Be compatible with all platforms and support mobile devices


  • Configurable theme options using Webmin UI
  • Top-down terminal port
  • Favorites feature for any content page
  • Unprecedentedly convenient and complete navigation menu for both desktop and mobile
  • Notification slider for quick access to pushed system messages
  • Autocomplete for quick and effective navigation with ability to execute shell commands *
  • Hotkeys for quick access control
  • Dynamically updated page title based on current module
  • Code highlight when editing files manually
  • Extensive list of customizable theme options, with ability to embed user logos, styles and scripts
  • Extended support for File Manager and ConfigServer Security & Firewall modules


  • Webmin 1.830+ (required), Usermin 1.700+ (optional), Virtualmin 5.00+ (optional), Cloudmin 9.00+ (optional)

Recommended modules

  • Installed Net::SSLeay module, to make automatic update notifications work

Browser support

Chrome 24+
Firefox 5+
Opera 18+
Safari 6+
Edge 20+
IE 10+


How to install Authentic Theme?


To install Autentic Theme from repository, just clone it into your wherever Webmin binary folder (libexec) is. After that, you must rename authentic-theme-master directory to authentic-theme to make the theme work properly. Besides, you could just download the theme directly and install it using Webmin:

Webmin->Webmin Configuration->Webmin Themes->Install themes->From uploaded file


Use the same procedure as described above to install the theme for Usermin:

Webmin->Usermin Configuration->Usermin Themes->Install themes->From uploaded file


There is no need to take any additional actions. In case Virtualmin or/and Cloudmin modules are installed, it will be automatically detected and supported.

How to update Authentic Theme manually?

Theme can be easily updated manually. Please make sure that you have git command installed on your system. Using command line, do the following:

  1. Go to Webmin (cd /usr/libexec/webmin) or Usermin (cd /usr/libexec/usermin) directory *
  2. Move current version of the theme to the temporary directory (mv authentic-theme /tmp)
  3. Get latest version of the theme from the repository (git clone https://github.com/qooob/authentic-theme.git)
  4. Restart Webmin/Usermin after update
    * Binary folder might be different from libexec depending on the system. Run whereis webmin to figure out the correct path.

How to update Authentic Theme automatically?

The theme has inbuilt feature to notify an administrative user to install updates. To enable this feature, turn Check for Authentic Theme updates on in theme settings.

How do I customize the theme?

Theme has configurable options, that are located in Webmin->Webmin Configuration->Webmin Themes. There as well, you can upload custom logos and code custom styles.css, scripts.js and scripts.pm.

How do I make user palettes work?

Authentic Theme utilizes built-in, custom color palettes, that a user can define using theme's extensions. It's possible, by using theme's CSS extensions, to pass user custom selector, such as user-palette-1, user-palette-2, user-palette-3, user-palette-4, user-palette-5, user-palette-6, user-palette-7, user-palette-8, user-palette-9 and user-palette-10 to enable a usage of user palettes. For example, in order to use user-palette-1, in the theme's settings, you would need to set the option Navigation Menu Color to the value of User Palette 1. After that, provide a custom code to the theme's CSS extension, with a pre-built template, corresponding with custom theme's identification.

How do I execute shell command using search field?

Type ! in search, followed by your command. Example: ! ls -lsaZ /root. It's required to have Command Shell module available.

How do I make the theme load faster?

Webmin has in-built option to compress static files. It's possible to enable this feature by going to Webmin->Webmin Configuration->Web Server Options and setting Gzip compress static files option to Use pre-compressed file and compress dynamically.

Another solution would be to install used by default Roboto Font locally to prevent extra load from embedding it and later setting it in the theme's settings accordingly.

Extended support for bundled/third-party modules

File Manager

Theme has great support for this module, by adding numerous mast-have features. Most noticeable are listing without page reload (using XHR requests) and full keyboard support, which enables you to use File Manager just as normal desktop browser.

List of keyboard shortcuts
  • alphanumeric typing - quick search
  • up/down, home/end - cursor position
  • enter - descent into selected directory
  • backspace - previous folder
    • in case there is only one row filtered, enter on search field will perform trigger
  • contextmenu/right-click - context menu
  • spacebar or Alt+right-click - select current row
  • right-click on path or Ctrl+L - enter path manually
  • * - inverse select
  • + - select all
  • - - deselect all
  • F2 - change permissions
  • Shift+F2 - Change attributes
  • F3 - change ownership
  • Shift+F3 - change security context
  • F4 - edit where possible
  • Esc - close active editor window
  • Ctrl+Esc - minimize active editor window
  • F5/Shift+F5 - compress/decompress
  • F6 - rename
  • Shift+F4/F7 - new file/folder
  • Shift+F7 - search
  • F8/Del - delete
  • F9/F10 - download/upload
  • Ctrl+S - calculate selected size
  • Ctrl+space - new tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+space - close current tab
  • Ctrl+left/right - change tabs
  • Ctrl+1..9 - switch to the tab number
  • Ctrl+X/C/V - cut/copy/paste
  • Ctrl+Enter/Ctrl+Shift+Enter - save/save and close currently edited file
  • Theme reload hotkey - reload current directory

ConfigServer Security & Firewall

Theme only re-renders this module and adds support for code highlight, when editing files manually.


  1. Automatic updates notification feature doesn't work or Can't locate Net/SSLeay.pm in ..)
    This happens because Webmin is trying to open a link and download the theme using https protocol. Net::SSLeay - is high level functions for accessing web servers (by using HTTP/HTTPS). You can install it using Perl module in Webmin or using command-line. Package name is perl-Net-SSLeay. Besides, in case you have mentioned module installed and automatic update feature still doesn't work, you would have to also install either LWP::Protocol::https or Bundle::LWP using CPAN or by package name perl-LWP-Protocol-https or perl-libwww-perl respectively;
  2. Strange  character is appeared in text-editor mode or other encoding issues
    This happens because of encoding disparity. To fix this, just set language in Webmin to UTF-8 and make sure that your browser also has detected it as UTF-8. Pay attention, that Webmin in-built module, named Change Language and Theme can override global settings;
  3. I get HEAD 404 (File not found) in console
    That is not really an error. It happens, when theme is checking, if needed URL exists and can be loaded;
  4. Page loading got stuck
    To prematurely dismiss a loader, hover on it and click loader's close button, right next to it. It is also possible to unveil currently loading content page by double clicking on it;
  5. Can't toggle checkbox in a row of a table
    Theme provides an extended support for operations with table rows. It's easy to select current row by simply right-clicking on it with the mouse (on mobile device long-tap). Regular click on the row will take you to the row's main link;
  6. Default tab after logging in doesn't work
    You need to set Authentic Theme as default globally. To do so, go to Webmin->Webmin Configuration->Themes.
  7. Blinking navigation menu or overall jerky theme's rendering
    This could happen to GPU driver misconfiguration on your OS. For more details refer to #453


Lead developer




Overall development of this theme has already passed the stage of 2000 hours. I'm happy to provide Authentic Theme for free but please know, that it would mean a World to me, if you send me a donation. It doesn't matter how big or small your donation is. I appreciate all donations. Each donation will help me to pay my bills, excite future development and improve your everyday experience, while working with the theme.


Authentic Theme is released under the MIT License