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package roles
import "net/http"
// Global global role instance
var Global = &Role{}
// Register register role with conditions
func Register(name string, fc Checker) {
Global.Register(name, fc)
// Allow allows permission mode for roles
func Allow(mode PermissionMode, roles ...string) *Permission {
return Global.Allow(mode, roles...)
// Deny deny permission mode for roles
func Deny(mode PermissionMode, roles ...string) *Permission {
return Global.Deny(mode, roles...)
// Get role defination
func Get(name string) (Checker, bool) {
return Global.Get(name)
// Remove role definition from global role instance
func Remove(name string) {
// Reset role definitions from global role instance
func Reset() {
// MatchedRoles return defined roles from user
func MatchedRoles(req *http.Request, user interface{}) []string {
return Global.MatchedRoles(req, user)
// HasRole check if current user has role
func HasRole(req *http.Request, user interface{}, roles ...string) bool {
return Global.HasRole(req, user)
// NewPermission initialize a new permission for default role
func NewPermission() *Permission {
return Global.NewPermission()
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