Worker run jobs in background at scheduled time
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Worker runs a single Job in the background, it can do so immediately or at a scheduled time.

Once registered with QOR Admin, Worker will provide a Workers section in the navigation tree, containing pages for listing and managing the following aspects of Workers:

  • All Jobs.
  • Running: Jobs that are currently running.
  • Scheduled: Jobs which have been scheduled to run at a time in the future.
  • Done: finished Jobs.
  • Errors: any errors output from any Workers that have been run.

The admin interface for a schedulable Job will have an additional Schedule Time input, with which administrators can set the scheduled date and time.



import ""

func main() {
  // Define Worker
  Worker := worker.New()

  // Arguments used to run a job
  type sendNewsletterArgument struct {
    Subject      string
    Content      string `sql:"size:65532"`
    SendPassword string

    // If job's argument has `worker.Schedule` embedded, it will get run at a scheduled time

  // Register Job
    Name: "Send Newsletter", // Registerd Job Name
    Handler: func(argument interface{}, qorJob worker.QorJobInterface) error {
      // `AddLog` add job log
      qorJob.AddLog("Started sending newsletters...")
      qorJob.AddLog(fmt.Sprintf("Argument: %+v", argument.(*sendNewsletterArgument)))

      for i := 1; i <= 100; i++ {
        time.Sleep(100 * time.Millisecond)
        qorJob.AddLog(fmt.Sprintf("Sending newsletter %v...", i))
        // `SetProgress` set job progress percent, from 0 - 100

      qorJob.AddLog("Finished send newsletters")
      return nil
    // Arguments used to run a job
    Resource: Admin.NewResource(&sendNewsletterArgument{}),

  // Add Worker to qor admin, so you could manage jobs in the admin interface

Things to note

  • If a Job is scheduled within 2 minutes of the current time, then it will be run immediately.
  • It is possible, via the admin interface, to abort a currently running Job: view the Job's data via Workers > Running or Workers > All Jobs and press the Abort running Job button.
  • It is possible, via the admin interface, to abort a scheduled Job: view the Job's data via Workers > Scheduled or Workers > All Jobs and press the Cancel scheduled Job button.
  • It is possible, via the admin interface, to update a scheduled Job, including setting a new date and time: view the Job's data via Workers > Scheduled or Workers > All Jobs, update the Schedule Time field's value, and press the Update scheduled Job button. Please be aware that scheduling a Job to a date/time in the past will see the Job get run immediately.

Worker Demo:


Released under the MIT License.