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Logback-beagle: The logback Console Plugin for Eclipse
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ch.qos.logback.beagle.repository fixed CONSPLUG-34, release 1.1.4
ch.qos.logback.beagle.tests fixed CONSPLUG-34, release 1.1.4
ch.qos.logback.beagle fixed CONSPLUG-34, release 1.1.4
logback-proper-repository update to logback 1.0.7
.gitignore add org.slf4j.feature to the mix .core project does not exists anymore don't want logback-beagle to depend on a different version of itself
pom.xml fixed CONSPLUG-34, release 1.1.4 minor changes

Contributor Guide

Here are the steps required for importing the logback-beagle project into Eclipse. Let $LB-BEAGLE be the folder where you cloned logback-beagle from Github.

Generate the project settings

Here are the commands:

mvn eclipse:clean 
mvn eclipse:eclipse 

Set the target platform

  • In Eclipse, File -> Open File, select $LB-BEAGLE/ This will open a window labeled "Target Definition". Wait a few moments for the required plug-ins to be downlaoded.

  • Click on "Set as Target Platform" in the "Target Definition" window.

Import required projects

Import following projects into Eclipse:

  • ch.qos.logback.beagle

Please contact mailing list if you have questions about importing logback-beagle into Eclipse.

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