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A log file analysis tool for logback output



logback-decoder is a command-line tool for log file analysis of text output from the logback framework.

The current version is 0.1.0. This project is in alpha development, and we're currently seeking volunteers! Please email the development mailing list for more info.



logback-decoder is normally invoked by java -jar logback-decoder-0.1.0.jar. For clarity, the following examples use a wrapper script named

show help

$ ./ --help
usage: logback-decoder
 -D <property=value>      use value for given property
 -d,--debug               Enable debug mode
 -f,--input-file <path>   Log file to parse (default: stdin)
 -h,--help                Print this help message and exit
 -p,--layout <pattern>    Layout pattern to use (overrides file's pattern)
 -v,--version             Print version information and exit
    --verbose             Be verbose when printing information

parse log file

$ ./ -f foo.log

pipe in data from stdin

$ echo 2013-07-22 [main]: hello world | ./ -d -p '%d{yyyy-MM-dd} [%t]: %m%n'
[TRACE] regex: (?<date>\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2})
[DEBUG] date = 2013-07-22


logback-decoder is built with Apache Maven 2+. Use these commands to create the executable JAR (with debug symbols).

git clone git://
cd logback-decoder

The jar would be in: ./target/logback-decoder-<version>.jar

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