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Here is a list of persons who have signed a CLA [1].
Name Location Date
---- -------- ----
Maarten Bosteels Heverlee, Belgium 2007-01-15
John E. Conlon WI, USA 2007-02-08
Ralph W. Goers Jr. CA, USA 2008-07-24
Matt Humphreys London, UK 2008-08-16
Thorbjorn Ravn Andersen Hammel, Denmark 2008-08-16
Chad LaVigne MN, USA 2009-03-25
Joern Huxhorn Pfungstadt, Germany 2009-04-29
Thorsten Moeller Basel, Switzerland 2009-11-16
Robert Elliot Twickenham, UK 2010-03-08
Tomasz Nurkiewicz Wegrow, Poland 2010-03-19
Aleksey Didik S.Putilovskay, Russia 2010-03-26
Heiko Seeberger Schondorf , Germany 2010-09-06
Ryan Cogswell MN, USA 2011-07-07
Pierre Queinnec Paris, France 2011-07-20
Anthony Trinh MA, USA 2012-05-10
Torsten Juergeleit Liederbach, Germany 2012-05-13
Cedric Lime Levallois-Perret, FR 2012-06-08
Christian Trutz Mark, Germany 2012-06-14
Les Hazlewood CA, USA 2012-09-10
Libor Jelinek Czech Republic 2012-09-17
Matthew Bishop Vancouver, Canada 2012-09-18
Joris Kuipers Amstelveen, NL 2013-02-11
Andrey Korzhevskiy Skryabina Akademika, Russia 2013-03-26
Carl E. Harris Jr. VA, USA 2013-03-27
Matthew R. Bertolini NJ, USA 2013-04-23
Gregory A. Denton WA, USA 2013-05-02
Mikhail Mazursky Bashkortostan,Russia 2013-10-02
Marvin B. Lillehaug Trondheim, Norway 2014-01-20
Chetan Mehrotra Uttar Pradesh, India 2014-02-04
Eric Dahl NE, USA 2014-02-04
Adam Gent MA, USA 2014-04-01
Sebastian Groebler Berlin, Germany 2014-07-17
Alexander Dorokhine CA, USA 2014-12-07
Yuji Okazawa Tokyo, Japan 2015-04-01
Lukasz Cwik WA, USA 2015-06-11
Juan Pablo Santos Madrid, Spain 2015-06-15
Gareth Davis Cambridge, UK 2015-07-15
Marek Szalik Warszawa, Poland 2015-11-25
Pavel Boldyrev Ontario, Canada 2015-12-22
Christoph Zauner Ennsdorf, Austria 2016-01-11
David Roberge Maine, USA 2016-02-14
Adam Batkin Connecticut, USA 2016-02-14
Ville Koskela Washington, USA 2016-02-19
Vedran Pavic Croatia 2016-02-23
Max Urech AG, Switzerland 2016-03-17
Kenneth Gendron CA, USA 2016-04-01
Espen A. Fossen Norway 2016-04-07
Scott Babcock WA, USA 2016-12-22
Olivier Bourgain France 2017-01-31
Nicolas Maupu France 2017-01-31
Friso Vrolijken Netherlands 2017-02-15
Jan Engehausen ZH, Switzerland 2017-07-07
Christian Lorenz Berlin, Germany 2017-11-28
Federico Fissore Reano, Italy 2019-02-18
Wessel van Norel Netherlands 2019-08-12
Alexandre Dutra France 2019-10-10
Nicolai Parlog Karlsruhe,Germany 2019-11-25
Justification for CLAs
The CLA requirement adds a bureaucratic step before contributions can
be accepted. However, the CLA offers several advantages:
1) having a CLA on file for all contributors provides reassurance to
downstream users. For example, IP officers from Eclipse foundation
contact at regular intervals asking whether has CLA for
SLF4J and logback contributions.
2) allows to change the software license as long as the change
is not contrary to public interest. This allowed to add Eclipse
Public License 1.0 (in addition to LGPL) in logback version
0.9.18. This was undoubtedly a net gain for those wishing to use
logback and it was a fairly painless process. Without the CLA on file,
dual-licensing logback would have been near impossible.
3) by virtue of clauses 4 and 5 of the CLA, the contributor vouches
for his/her contributions as his/her own and that he/she is entitled
to grant the license. Thus, takes a lesser risk when
distributing software because can claim that some vetting has
been performed (due diligence).
A more detailed discussion of CLAs can be found at [2].
BTW, the CLA can be sent to Ceki directly by email. A scanned copy on
two separate pages is fine but please make sure that the images render
reasonably well when printed on a laser printer. Images taken by
cellphone cameras often render as a large gray smudge when printed.
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