Curated list of open-source quantum software projects.
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Open-Source Quantum Software Projects

Curated list of open-source developed quantum software projects.

Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing.

Also please check out the Unitary Fund's 2k$ grant project for quantum OSS!


For a curated list of learning resources please check out desireevl's repo.

Quantum full-stack libraries


  • Qiskit - IBM's quantum information software kit for simulating, compiling and executing quantum programs.
  • Strawberry Fields - Xanadu's software library for photonic quantum computing.
  • Forest - Rigetti's software library for writing, simulating, compiling and executing quantum programs.
  • ProjectQ - Hardware-agnostic framework with compiler and simulator with emulation capabilities.
  • Cirq - Framework for creating, editing, and invoking Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) circuits.


  • Q# - Microsoft's quantum programming language with Visual Studio integration.



Quantum simulators


  • Quantum Virtual Machine - Reference implementation of Rigetti's Quantum Virtual Machine.
  • QuTiP - User-friendly and efficient numerical simulations of a wide variety of open quantum systems.
  • QTop - Simulation and visualization of topological quantum computers.
  • Quintuple - Simulating the 5-qubit processor of the IBM Quantum Experience.
  • QuSim - Ideal noise-free multi-qubit simulator written in 150 lines of code.
  • PIQS - Efficient simulation of open quantum dynamics of identical qubits.
  • SimulaQron - Application level simulator of a quantum network.


  • Quantum++ - High-performance general purpose quantum simulator (can simulate d-dimensional qudits).
  • QCL - High level, hardware-agnostic programming language for quantum computers (syntax like C or Pascal).
  • Qrack - Comprehensive qubit and gate implementation for developing universal virtual quantum processors.


  • TNQVM - Tensor Network QPU Simulator for Eclipse XACC.
  • QuaC - Parallel time-dependent open quantum systems solver.
  • QuEST - Quantum Exact Simulation Toolkit is a high performance multicore simulator of universal quantum circuits.


  • libQuantumJava - Crude translation from the C implementation of libquantum to a Java version.
  • jquil - A Java library for quantum programming using Quil.


  • jsquil - JavaScript interface for writing Quil programs.
  • Quirk - Drag-and-drop quantum circuit simulator in your browser.
  • Quantum Circuit Simulator - Smoothly runs 20+ qubit simulations in browser or on node.js server.



  • QCGPU - High-performance GPU-accelerated quantum computer simulation outlined in this arXiv paper.


  • Yao.jl - Extensible, Efficient Quantum Algorithm Design for Humans.
  • QuantumInfo.jl - Julia library for quantum information related calculations.
  • QSimulator.jl - Unitary and Lindbladian evolution in Julia.
  • RandomQuantum.jl - Package for generating random quantum states and processes.
  • Cliffords.jl - Efficient calculation of Clifford circuits in Julia.

Common Lisp

  • BLACK-STONE - Specification and implementation of quantum common lisp, for gate-model quantum computers.


  • Qlmp - Interpreter for the functional quantum programming language Qumin.



  • QOCS - Quantum OCaml Circuit Simulator is a functional approach to simulating quantum gates.


  • QuantumUtils - Tools for quantum control, simulation, channel representation conversion, and perturbations.


Quantum annealing

Python, C & Matlab

  • Qbsolv - QUBO solver with D-Wave or classical tabu solver backend.



Quantum algorithms


  • PennyLane - Library for quantum ML, automatic differentiation and optimization of hybrid computations.
  • Grove - Quantum algorithms implemented using Rigetti's pyQuil.
  • Qiskit Aqua - Library of various quantum algorithm implemented with QISKit.
  • Qiskit Tutorial - Jupyter notebook filled with tutorials for QISKit.
  • FermiLib - Software for analyzing fermionic quantum simulation algorithms with ProjectQ.
  • OpenFermion - Compiling and analyzing quantum algorithm for quantum chemistry simulations.
  • QuantumFlow - Quantum Algorithms Development Toolkit e.g. allowing for backpropagation with QAOA.
  • XACC Examples - Example code using XACC for quantum computing.
  • XACC QChem - QPU Benchmarks for Quantum Chemistry via XACC, Psi4 and OpenFermion.
  • Adapt - Algorithms for adaptive refinement of measurements.
  • QFog - Framework for analyzing both classical and quantum Bayesian Networks.
  • Quantum_Edward - Python tools for supervised learning by Quantum Neural Networks



  • XACC VQE - Variational quantum eigensolver built on XACC for distributed, and shared memory systems.


  • Quantum Katas - Programming exercises for learning Q# and quantum computing.

Quantum compilers


  • ScaffCC - Compilation, analysis and optimization framework for the Scaffold quantum programming language.


  • Qubiter - Quantum compiler with Python wrapper for LAPACK's CS Decomposition to build a binary tree of matrices.
  • QGL2 Compiler - Language compiler for imperative Quantum Gate Language (QGL).
  • PyZX - Python library for quantum circuit rewriting and optimisation using the ZX-calculus.


  • QGL.jl - A performance orientated QGL compiler.

Quantum assembly

  • Quil - An open hybrid quantum/classical instruction set currently used by Rigetti. Parser
  • OpenQASM - IBM's open-source quantum assembly language.
  • QMASM - A quantum macro assembler for D-Wave's quantum annealers.

Quantum cryptography


  • liboqs - C library for quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms.
  • openssh - OpenSSH with quantum-safe key exchange algorithms.
  • openssl - OpenSSL with quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms.


Experimental quantum computing


  • QGL - Domain-specific language embedded in python for specifying pulse sequences.
  • Quince - Node-based GUI that allows for graphical configuration of qubit experiments in Auspex.
  • PyQLab - Library for instrument control and superconducting QIP experiments.
  • ARTIQ - Next-generation control system for quantum information experiments.
  • qc-toolkit - Quantum Computing Toolkit for Qubit Control.
  • QFlow-lite - Machine Learning tools for autotuning quantum dot experiments.


  • Qlab - Measurement and control software for superconducting qubits.


  • Qlab.jl - Generic lab tools in Julia.

Quantum fun


Python & JavaScript

Board games

  • Entanglion - The world’s first open source quantum computing board game. For 2 players.

Quantum tools


  • IBM Q bot - Bot for Slack and Telegram to monitor the load of IBM Q quantum computers.


Abandoned projects

2+ years of inactivity. Feel free to reanimate, document and contribute to some of this work!


See the contribution guidelines.



To the extent possible under law, Mark Fingerhuth has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.