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Securepoint dyndns update powershell script
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What is it for?

This script is intended to be used for the Securepoint Dynamic DNS Service (

Something special with this script?

The script tries to contact the service only if necessary to avoid a ban due a high request count. But because of it's router independent pre check function you can execute it every 5 minutes with the Windows Task Scheduler without any risks.

How to install

Due to the extended security restrictions of PowerShell scripts the easiest way is to copy & paste the code.

  1. open Powershell ISE
  2. paste the code
  3. adjust your values
  4. save it as a *.ps1 file
  5. execute the script


$fqdn Your fully qualified domain name, e.g.
$user Your username at
$pwd Your password at

Logging (optional)

This script has an optional logging function for simple debugging purposes. Change $logging = $true to enable it.
Ensure proper write permissions in the given folder structure. The log file itself will be created if missing.


Q: I get a ...execution of scripts is disabled on this system. error when executing the script. What can I do?
A: Open PowerShell as administrator paste set-executionpolicy remotesigned and confirm it.

Q: Does the script work with tokens?
A: Yes. A token is nothing else but an password that only works with the desired FQDN. Note: When you generate a token $user MUST be equal to your FQDN!

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