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In Vim, trying to unload, delete or wipe a buffer without closing the window or split? You'll like this:

With bufkill:

With bufkill

Without bufkill (standard Vim behaviour):

Without bufkill

The inspiration for this script came from:

  • My own frustration with vim's lack of this functionality
  • The description of the emacs kill-buffer command in tip #622 (this script basically duplicates this command I believe, not sure about the undo functionality)
  • Comments by Keith Roberts when the issue was raised in the mailing list.

Note: This is the official Git repo which replaces


This plugin follows the standard runtime path structure, and as such it can be installed with a variety of plugin managers:

  • Pathogen

    • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-bufkill
  • Vundle:

    • Plugin 'qpkorr/vim-bufkill'



When you wish to unload a file from the buffer and keep the window/split intact:


When you wish to delete a file from the buffer and keep the window/split intact:


When you wish to wipe a file from the buffer and keep the window/split intact:


Notice how the key mappings are the uppercase version of the :bun :bd :bw Vim commands? Easy!

Moving through buffers

To move backwards through recently accessed buffers:


and to move forwards:


To move to an alternate buffer and keep the cursor in the same column, use:



You can also override Ctrl-^ (Vim's default for swapping between alternate buffers) via g:BufKillOverrideCtrlCaret in your /.vimrc file.

You can overide the default mappings within your /.vimrc file like so:

map <C-c> :BD<cr>

resulting in being able to delete a file from the buffer via vim-bufkill with CTRL + c


Contributions and pull requests are welcome.

A big thanks to Oli Morris for his excellent rewrite of this README file, and creating the animated gifs.