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Note re github repo

This repo hit some issues, seemingly due to git changes that appear to have broken git subtree push. I mistakenly pushed about 4000 unrelated commits into the repo. I've tried to fix things with help from github support, but my apologies if any forks or clones got messed up.


In Vim, trying to unload, delete or wipe a buffer without closing the window or split? You'll like this:

With bufkill:

With bufkill

Without bufkill (standard Vim behaviour):

Without bufkill

The inspiration for this script came from:

  • My own frustration with vim's lack of this functionality
  • The description of the emacs kill-buffer command in tip #622 (this script basically duplicates this command I believe, not sure about the undo functionality)
  • Comments by Keith Roberts when the issue was raised in the mailing list.

Note: This is the official Git repo which replaces


This plugin follows the standard runtime path structure, and as such it can be installed with a variety of plugin managers:

  • Pathogen

    • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-bufkill
  • Vundle:

    • Plugin 'qpkorr/vim-bufkill'



All of the following keep the window/split intact:

Action Command
Unload a file from the buffer :BUN
Delete a file from the buffer :BD
Wipe a file from the buffer :BW

Notice how the key mappings are the uppercase version of the :bun :bd :bw Vim commands? Easy!

Moving through buffers

Action Command
Move backwards through recently accessed buffers :BB
Move forwards through recently accessed buffers :BF
Move to an alternate buffer and keep the cursor in the same column :BA

Options & Mappings

The following would need to be set in your .vimrc.

" Turn off default <leader>bb, <leader>bd, etc. mappings (default: 1)
let g:BufKillCreateMappings = 0

" Override default <C-^> behavior for swapping between alternate buffers (default: 0)
let g:BufKillOverrideCtrlCaret = 1

" Modify the command prefix if it conflicts with other plugins
" The below changes BD to DD, BB to DB, etc. (default: 'B')
let g:BufKillCommandPrefix = 'D'

" If the buffer you want to kill is in many windows, the following option governs what to do (default: 'confirm', options: 'confirm'/'kill'/'cancel')
let g:BufKillActionWhenBufferDisplayedInAnotherWindow = 'kill'

You can overide the default mappings within your /.vimrc file like so:

map <C-c> :BD<cr>

resulting in being able to delete a file from the buffer via vim-bufkill with CTRL + c


Contributions and pull requests are welcome.

A big thanks to Oli Morris for his excellent rewrite of this README file, and creating the animated gifs. Likewise to Julian Torres for further improvements to the README file.