The fastest way to deploy a Wordpress blog from localhost (using Dotcloud)
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Deploying Wordpress on Dotcloud

First, get a copy of all the files of this package in the root of your Wordpress directory:

cd wordpress
git clone
mv wordpress-on-dotcloud/* .
chmod +x postinstall

Then push to Dotcloud:

dotcloud create myblog
dotcloud push myblog
dotcloud push myblog # dotcloud issue: database not ready at first push

Note that after the first push, remote wp-content/ will not be overwritten by a new push:

  • uploaded static files will be kept
  • new local plugins and themes will be pushed remotely
  • modifications to existing plugins and themes will be ignored remotely

Under the hood

The package contains:

  1. The dotcloud.yml required to push to Dotcloud declaring 2 services:

         type: php
         type: mysql
  2. The nginx.conf file telling Nginx to redirect everything to Wordpress front controller as Dotcloud does not support .htaccess files (included in Wordpress):

     try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php;
  3. The postinstall script that is a post-install hook and will be executed by Dotcloud after each push. It is calling the scripts in the dotcloud-scripts/ directory:

     # Reads environment.json and config MySQL values in wp-config.php
     # Move wp-content to make it persistent
  4. The feed-wp-config.php script (executed by the post-install hook) that gets the parameters of the just created MySQL Dotcloud service, write them into the wp-config.php file and create the database if it does not exist. If wp-config.php does not exist, it will create it from wp-config-sample.php.

     if [ -d ~/data/wp-content ]; then
         mv -n ~/current/wp-content/plugins/* ~/data/wp-content/plugins
         mv -n ~/current/wp-content/themes/* ~/data/wp-content/themes
         rm -rf ~/current/wp-content
         mkdir -p ~/data/wp-content
         mv ~/current/wp-content ~/data
     ln -s ~/data/wp-content ~/current/wp-content
  5. The script (executed by the post-install hook) that persists the wp-content/ directory containing uploads, installed plugins and themes. It moves the directory from ~/code/wp-content it to ~/data/wp-content and makes a symlink to it, because ~/code will be overwritten at each push.

More about themes and plugins updates

If it is not the first push, the executes:

mv -n ~/current/wp-content/plugins/* ~/data/wp-content/plugins
mv -n ~/current/wp-content/themes/* ~/data/wp-content/themes

The -n option means: do not overwrite an existing file. It means that plugins added in the local Wordpress will be added remotely. But if the remote Wordpress has already a plugin/theme, the local version of this plugin/theme will be ignored during the push (even if it has been modified on the local Wordpress).