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License: GPL v3 codecov Codacy Badge Documentation Status status

Important: Please check out the news & updates page for the most recent updates and changes, including any possible backwards compatibility issues. If you have questions, issues, etc., please check the documentation and (open and closed) issues first, or open a new issue using the relevant template.


Open-source, integrated optical modelling of complex stacks. RayFlare incorporates the transfer-matrix method (TMM), ray-tracing and rigorous coupled-wave analysis (RCWA/FMM), in addition to an angular redistribution matrix method which allows multiple methods to be coupled across a single structure to calculate total absorption/reflection/transmission, absorption per layer, and absorption profiles.

You can view RayFlare's documentation, including installation instructions here. The contributing guidelines are here and the Code of Conduct is here. This package is distributed under a GNU GPL (version 3) license. If you have questions, issues, etc., please check the documentation first or open an issue using the relevant template.

If you use RayFlare in your work, please cite the JOSS paper:

Pearce, P. M., (2021). RayFlare: flexible optical modelling of solar cells. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(65), 3460.