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You can extend your QPython capabilities by installing packages. Because of different computer architectures, we cannot guarantee that QPYPI includes all packages in PYPI. If you want us to support a package that is not currently supported, you can raise an issue in the QPYPI project

QPySLA Package


It extends qpysl4a's APIs. Now the below project depends on it.

AIPY Packages

AIPY is a high-level AI learning app, based on related libraries like Numpy, Scipy, theano, keras, etc.... It was developed with a focus on helping you learn and practise AI programming well and fast.


NumPy is the fundamental package needed for scientific computing with Python. This package contains:

a powerful N-dimensional array object
sophisticated (broadcasting) functions
basic linear algebra functions
basic Fourier transforms
sophisticated random number capabilities
tools for integrating Fortran code
tools for integrating C/C++ code


SciPy refers to several related but distinct entities:

The SciPy ecosystem, a collection of open source software for scientific computing in Python.
The community of people who use and develop this stack.
Several conferences dedicated to scientific computing in Python - SciPy, EuroSciPy and
The SciPy library, one component of the SciPy stack, providing many numerical routines.