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v2.2.6-3 (Qpython_2018-07-20_google.apk for global)

What's NEW

  • New : Js function milib.openNotebook(ipynb url) to preview notebook
  • Improvement : installing QPyNotebook
  • Improvement : installing AIPY
  • Improvement : QRCode scan (When scan URL QRCode, you have choice to redirect to the URL with QPython WebView)
  • Fix bug : androidhelper.fullshow didn't work (Which allow you put android layout dynamicly)
  • Fix bug : While update editor's setting, it didn't work immediately.

v2.2.5 (Qpython_2018-06-21_google-v2.2.5.apk)

Improve editor

  • You can create any blank file with "New file" instead of creating file under current directory
  • You can hide the gist button by un-check the Display Gist button option

Add QSL4A FUNCTIONS which let you run python code/script with android service.

  • executeQPyCode
  • executeQPyCodeAsSrv


  • Fix some minor bugs


v2.2.6 (Qpython_2018-07-20_cn.apk for CN)

  • 新特性 :QPython WebView中增加了 js function: milib.openNotebook(ipynb url) ,能够直接打开notebook
  • 改进 :QPyNotebook的支持
  • 改进 :AIPY的安装过程
  • 改进 :QRCode扫描URL增加了确认的环节
  • 修复 : 更新了编辑器设置后,没有立即生效(需要重启)
  • 修复 : androidhelper.fullshow无法正常工作(这个API允许你动态载入ANDROID布局)



  • 你可以用新建文件来新建任意的空白文件,以前只能在当前目录下创建
  • 你可以隐藏Gist按钮了(需要在编辑器设置中选点掉显示GIST按钮)

增加了几个 QSL4A 接口,能让你使用安卓服务运行Python 代码/脚本文件

  • executeQPyCode
  • executeQPyCodeAsSrv


  • 修复了一些小bug


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