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v2.3.2 is in BETA

This is a big update for QPython, after installing it, you can get Py2.7.15 and Py3.3.6 all in one.

  • New Python 2 (2.7.15)
  • Python 3 builtin (Py3.6.6)
  • Notebook plugin (Support Py2 and Py3)
  • New PIP (Supports more libraries)
  • Many improvements


Q: Why should I have to upgrade ?
A: You can get the Py2.7.15 and 3.6.6 (You can switch to Python 3 from QPython's setting) after installing. Besides this, you can have newer PIP package which can install many pure python packages.

Q: Why can't I install other Python packages after installing the QPython v2.3.0 ?
A: Did you new install it  ? If not, please try to clear data from QPython's setting => storage & permission => clear data.

Q: Why can't I see other packages after installing?
A: We have changed the Python core, and old packages should be tested or recompiled. After we having completed that, we will re-published them.

Q: What packages do you want to support in the future?
A: We will try to support more and more packages in the future, our recent main work is to improve the cross compile toolchain, now we have completed it, and we are able to support more packages.

Q: Why should I install QPyNotebook again when switch to Python 3 after I having installed it when I used Python 2.
A: Yes, you need to install it again for the Python 3 again, for the QPyNotebook was separated the py2 and py3 branch, every time you install it, you were installing the branch for the python interpreter your were using.

How to download

From attachment:

Global version

Qpython_2018-09-02_google.apk (Global)


链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1P4EkYDZp4nGe22K0D6MjAw 密码: ed6z