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dollar is a minimalist, yet Git-aware fish theme optimized for awesome.

license Twitter dollar


Be sure to have Fisherman installed. Then just:

fisher qiugits/dollar-fish

This theme is based loosely on bobthefish.


  • A helpful, but not too distracting, greeting.
  • Compact information on the right.
  • More colors than you know what to do with.
  • An abbreviated path which doesn't abbreviate the name of the current project.
  • All the things you need to know about Git in a glance.
  • Visual indication that you can't write to the current directory.

Below is basically not changed from bobthefish.

The Prompt

  • Flags:
    • Previous command failed (!)
    • Background jobs (%)
    • You currently have superpowers ($)
    • Cursor on newline
  • Current vi mode
  • User@Host (unless you're the default user)
  • Current RVM, rbenv or chruby (Ruby) version
  • Current virtualenv (Python) version
    • If you use virtualenv, you will probably need to disable the default virtualenv prompt, since it doesn't play nice with fish: set -x VIRTUAL_ENV_DISABLE_PROMPT 1
  • Abbreviated parent directory
  • Current directory, or Git or Mercurial project name
  • Current project's repo branch (branch-glyph master) or detached head ( d0dfd9b)
  • Git or Mercurial status, via colors and flags:
    • Dirty working directory (*)
    • Untracked files ()
    • Staged changes (~)
    • Stashed changes ($)
    • Unpulled commits (-)
    • Unpushed commits (+)
    • Unpulled and unpushed commits (±)
    • Note that not all of these have been implemented for hg yet :)
  • Abbreviated project-relative path


You can override some of the following default options in your

set -g theme_display_git no
set -g theme_display_git_dirty no
set -g theme_display_git_untracked no
set -g theme_display_git_ahead_verbose yes
set -g theme_git_worktree_support yes
set -g theme_display_vagrant yes
set -g theme_display_docker_machine no
set -g theme_display_k8s_context yes
set -g theme_display_hg yes
set -g theme_display_virtualenv no
set -g theme_display_ruby no
set -g theme_display_user yes
set -g theme_display_hostname yes
set -g theme_display_vi no
set -g theme_display_date no
set -g theme_display_cmd_duration yes
set -g theme_title_display_process yes
set -g theme_title_display_path no
set -g theme_title_display_user yes
set -g theme_title_use_abbreviated_path no
set -g theme_date_format "+%a %H:%M"
set -g theme_avoid_ambiguous_glyphs yes
set -g theme_powerline_fonts no
set -g theme_nerd_fonts yes
set -g theme_show_exit_status yes
set -g default_user your_normal_user
set -g theme_color_scheme dark
set -g fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length 0
set -g theme_project_dir_length 1
set -g theme_newline_cursor yes

Title options

  • theme_title_display_process. By default theme doesn't show current process name in terminal title. If you want to show it, just set to yes.
  • theme_title_display_path. Use no to hide current working directory from title.
  • theme_title_display_user. Set to yes to show the current user in the tab title (unless you're the default user).
  • theme_title_use_abbreviated_path. Default is yes. This means your home directory will be displayed as ~ and /usr/local as /u/local. Set it to no if you prefer full paths in title.

Prompt options

  • theme_display_ruby. Use no to completely hide all information about Ruby version. By default Ruby version displayed if there is the difference from default settings.
  • theme_display_vagrant. This feature is disabled by default, use yes to display Vagrant status in your prompt. Please note that only the VirtualBox and VMWare providers are supported.
  • theme_display_vi. By default the vi mode indicator will be shown if vi or hybrid key bindings are enabled. Use no to hide the indicator, or yes to show the indicator.
  • theme_display_k8s_context. By default the current kubernetes context is shown (> kubectl config current-context). Use no to hide the context.
  • theme_show_exit_status. Set this option to yes to have the prompt show the last exit code if it was non_zero instead of just the exclamation mark.
  • theme_git_worktree_support. If you do any git worktree shenanigans, setting this to yes will fix incorrect project-relative path display. If you don't do any git worktree shenanigans, leave it disabled. It's faster this way :)
  • fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length. dollar respects the Fish $fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length setting to abbreviate the prompt path. Set to 0 to show the full path, 1 (default) to show only the first character of each parent directory name, or any other number to show up to that many characters.
  • theme_project_dir_length. The same as $fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length, but for the path relative to the current project root. Defaults to 0; set to any other number to show an abbreviated path.
  • theme_newline_cursor. Use yes to have cursor start on a new line. By default the prompt is only one line. When working with long directories it may be preferrend to have cursor on the next line. Setting this to clean instead of yes suppresses the caret on the new line.

Color scheme options Finally, you can specify your very own color scheme by setting theme_color_scheme to user. In that case, you also need to define some variables to set the colors of the prompt. See the "Colors" section of for details.

VCS options

  • set -g theme_vcs_ignore_paths /some/path /some/other/path{foo,bar}. Ignore project paths for Git or Mercurial. Supports glob patterns.


You can disable the theme default greeting, vi mode prompt, right prompt, or title entirely — or override with your own — by adding custom functions to ~/.config/fish/functions:

  • ~/.config/fish/functions/
  • ~/.config/fish/functions/
  • ~/.config/fish/functions/
  • ~/.config/fish/functions/

To disable them completely, use an empty function:

function fish_right_prompt; end

… Or copy one from your favorite theme, make up something of your own, or copy/paste a dollar default function and modify it to your taste!

function fish_greeting
  set_color $fish_color_autosuggestion
  echo "I'm completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly."
  set_color normal


Simple fish theme, git-aware




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