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The Angularjs module - The md-chips with multiple select menu
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The Angularjs module - Learn from Angular Material, and add a multi-select menu to md-chips. Demo in Codepen


angular.js, angular-animate.js

You can install the package via npm

npm install md-chips-select

or via bower

bower install md-chips-select

Include the md-chips-select.js and md-chips-select.css in the HTML file


```html ``` ng-model (required): The array to store the selected items
select-items (required): The array of the items in the select list
main-title (optional): The attributes seperated by space. It will combine all value of the attributes as the title of the list item. If the main-title is not given, there must be one attibute named "title" in the select-items array

Ex: main-title = "name id" It will combine the value of the attribute "name" and "id" (See the example below)

In javascript:

Inject the modules "ngAnimate" & "" when you initialize the app.

angular.module("yourApp", ['ngAnimate', '']);   

Add an array for ngModel (selected) in your controller


$scope.selectedItems = []

Add an array for select-items


$scope.listItems = [{    
      name: "Mini Cooper",    
      id: 0     
    }, {      
      name: "Lexus IS250",      
      id: 1      
    }, {      
      name: "Ford F150",     
      id: 2   
    }, {   
      name: "Toyota Prius",   
      id: 3   


Feel free to improve the plugin and send us a pull request.
Thanks for all the contributors.

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