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the 4chan userscript of the future
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c4: a man, a plan, 4chan, Panama!

c4 is a Greasemonkey userscript for Firefox 26+ that transforms 4chan pages in your web browser into a user interface that is a whole lot more usable.

Currently, development focus is on reader usability. Reading threads and viewing images is far improved from the vanilla 4chan experience.

However, c4 currently doesn't offer much else, so if you're looking for a similar but much more feature-complete and mature project, try 4chan X.

What will c4 do?

Future development focus will be on board-level usability improvements. The official 4chan catalog pages are step up from refreshing page 0, but I still think there's a lot more that can be done. If you're interested and/or have ideas about this, feel free to discuss them on the github issues tracker.


While keeping in mind that c4 is still alpha software, you can try out a recent compiled version at:

Click on the green c4.user.js on the latest release to prompt for installation.

You'll need Firefox 26+ and Greasemonkey installed. Chrome(ium) might work, but my current compatibility target is just Firefox, to keep development overhead low.

Please report issues if/when you come across them.


Development is coordinated through c4's github repository.

c4 is written in coco, nephrite, and stylus (+ nib). To compile c4, install node.js, then clone or download the repository and run:

npm install
npm run-script build

to build the script to c4.user.js.

c4 is written in CommonJS module format, which is compiled into a single userscript file with commonjs-everywhere (+esprima +escodegen). The build process is coordinated through the coke buildtool that comes with coco. Check out the Cokefile for details.

Live Coding

Run npm run-script watch to rebuild the script when something changes. Then, make a symbolic link from the compiled script in the repo to the copy in Greasmonkey's folder inside your Firefox profile:

ln -sf $PWD/c4.user.js \
       ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile dir>/gm_scripts/c4/c4.user.js

Then, you should get instant feedback (after refresh) when making changes, which isn't the perfect developer feedback loop, but it's pretty close.


c4 is public domain software. Read UNLICENSE for more information.

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