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package config
import ""
// Update configures a Remote Procedure Call (Update) listener
type Update struct {
Type string `json:"type"`
Daemonize bool `json:"daemonize"`
Address string `json:"address"`
// DefaultUpdateAddress is the local address Update serves on by default
var DefaultUpdateAddress = ""
// DefaultUpdate creates a new default Update configuration
func DefaultUpdate() *Update {
return &Update{
Type: "fs",
Daemonize: true,
Address: DefaultUpdateAddress,
// Validate validates all fields of rpc returning all errors found.
func (cfg Update) Validate() error {
schema := jsonschema.Must(`
"$schema": "",
"title": "Update",
"description": "The Update configuration",
"type": "object",
"required": ["type", "daemonize", "address"],
"properties": {
"type": {
"description": "class of cron store",
"enum": ["mem", "fs"],
"type": "string"
"deamonize": {
"description": "When true, the update service starts as a daemonized process",
"type": "boolean"
"address": {
"description": "address service will listen and dial on for inter-process communication",
"type": "string"
return validate(schema, &cfg)
// Copy makes a deep copy of the Update struct
func (cfg *Update) Copy() *Update {
res := &Update{
Type: cfg.Type,
Daemonize: cfg.Daemonize,
Address: cfg.Address,
return res
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