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package config
import ""
// DefaultWebappPort is local the port webapp serves on by default
var DefaultWebappPort = 2505
// Webapp configures the qri webapp service
type Webapp struct {
Enabled bool `json:"enabled"`
Port int `json:"port"`
// token for analytics tracking
AnalyticsToken string `json:"analyticstoken"`
// EntrypointUpdateAddress is currently an IPNS location to check for updates. api.Server starts
// this address is checked, and if the hash there differs from EntrypointHash, it'll use that instead
EntrypointUpdateAddress string `json:"entrypointupdateaddress"`
// EntrypointHash is a hash of the compiled webapp (the output of running webpack
// this is fetched and replaced via dnslink when the webapp server starts
// the value provided here is just a sensible fallback for when dnslink lookup fails,
// pointing to a known prior version of the the webapp
EntrypointHash string `json:"entrypointhash"`
// DefaultWebapp creates a new default Webapp configuration
func DefaultWebapp() *Webapp {
return &Webapp{
Enabled: true,
Port: DefaultWebappPort,
EntrypointUpdateAddress: "/ipns/",
EntrypointHash: "QmfWr3jS97PNNUH5bg39nig4Jd8JDnXvRxvytmFpWnTPLn",
// Validate validates all fields of webapp returning all errors found.
func (cfg Webapp) Validate() error {
schema := jsonschema.Must(`{
"$schema": "",
"title": "Webapp",
"description": "Config for the webapp",
"type": "object",
"required": ["enabled", "port", "analyticstoken", "entrypointupdateaddress", "entrypointhash"],
"properties": {
"enabled": {
"description": "When true, the webapp is accessable from your browser",
"type": "boolean"
"port": {
"description": "The port on which the webapp can be accessed",
"type": "integer"
"analyticstoken": {
"description": "Token for analytics tracking",
"type": "string"
"entrypointupdateaddress": {
"description": "address to check for app updates",
"type": "string"
"entrypointhash": {
"description": "A hash of the compiled webapp. This is fetched and replaced via dsnlink when the webapp server starts. The value provided here is just a sensible fallback for when dnslink lookup fails.",
"type": "string"
return validate(schema, &cfg)
// Copy returns a deep copy of the Webapp struct
func (cfg *Webapp) Copy() *Webapp {
res := &Webapp{
Enabled: cfg.Enabled,
Port: cfg.Port,
AnalyticsToken: cfg.AnalyticsToken,
EntrypointUpdateAddress: cfg.EntrypointUpdateAddress,
EntrypointHash: cfg.EntrypointHash,
return res
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