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Most of 0.5.2 is under-the-hood changes that make qri work better. We've put a lot of time into our test suite & refactoring our existing code, which will set the stage for dev work to move a little faster in the coming weeks 😄.

🚚 IPFS repo migration

We've updated our IPFS dependencies from go-ipfs 0.4.15 to 0.4.17. Between those verions the structure of IPFS repositories changed, and as such need to be migrated. If this is your first time installing Qri, you won't have an issue, but if you're coming from Qri 0.5.1 or earlier you'll see a message after upgrading that'll explain you'll need to install go-ipfs to update your repo. We know this is, well, not fun, but it's the safest way to ensure the integrity of your underlying IPFS repo.