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0.6.2 is mainly about squashing bugs, but there are three fun new features worth noting:


Given that all Qri nodes currently run IPFS under the hood, it's sad that Qri doesn't expose the full power of IPFS while running. We've fixed that by adding new configuration options to enable the IPFS HTTP API. This lets you use the ipfs binary to use IPFS while qri is running. We've added support for toggling IPFS pubsub as well. By default new installations of Qri come with the IPFS api enabled, and pubsub disabled.

To enable both, change your Qri config.yaml store to include the new options flags:

  type: "ipfs"
    # when api is true, Qri will use the IPFS config to spin up an HTTP API
    # at whatever port your IPFS repo is configured for
    # (the configuration in IPFS is "Addresses.API", defaults to localhost:5001)
    api: true
    # optional, when true running "qri connect" will also enable IPFS pubsub 
    # as if `ipfs daemon --enable-pubsub-experiment` were run
    pubsub: true

With these settings you can run qri connect in one terminal, and then run (nearly) any regular IPFS command in another terminal with ipfs --api /ip4/ [command]. Having both IPFS & Qri work at once makes life much easier for anyone who needs access to both functionalities at once.

🗺 Starlark Geo Support

We're very excited to land initial support for a geospatial module in Starlark. Considering just how much open data is geospatial, we're very excited to play with this :) Here's an example transform script to get started.

🔢 Remove now supports any number of revisions

Previously, it was only possible to reomve entire dataset histories, which is, well, not ideal. We've changed the way remove works so you can now choose how many revisions (dataset versions) to delete. qri remove --revisions 1 me/dataset_name is basically an undo button, while qri remove --all me/dataset_name will delete the entire dataset. This also applies to the API, by supplying a now-required revisions query param.

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