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We've bumped this release to 0.7.0 to reflect some major-league refactoring going on deeper in the stack. The main goal of this release has been to drive stability up, and put the Qri codebase on firmer foundation for refinement.

Major Stability Improvements

Much of our refactoring has gone into removing & consolidating code, making it easier reason about. The effect of this are fewer unintended interactions between different subsystems, resulting in a version of qri that behaves much better, especially in the corner cases. All of these improvements are made on both the JSON API, the CLI, and while operating over RPC (we use RPC when qri connect is running in another terminal).

Commands like qri get and qri export in particular work consistently, and can be used to greater effect. For example, running qri use on a dataset let's you drop the repeated typing of a dataset name, and play with get to explore the dataset faster:

$ qri use me/dataset
$ qri get meta --format yaml
$ qri get body --format json --limit 20 --offset 3

It's much to fetch scripts with get and write them to a file for local work:

$ qri get transform.script > transform.star

Speaking of transforms, qri update on a local dataset is now true alias for qri save --recall=tf. Eliminating the alternate codepath for qri update has made update work far better for re-running transforms.

Export now has a far friendlier --format flag for getting a dataset document into a common data format. This'll give you a JSON interpretation of your dataset:

qri export --format=json me/dataset

We're inching closer to our overall goal of building Qri into a series of well-composed packages with a cohesive user interface. Lots more work to do, partly because there's more that we can do now that our code is better composed. We'd encourage you to play with the CLI if you haven't yet taken it for a spin.

XLSX support

Along with the improved export command, we now have early support for Excel .xlsx documents! this now works:

qri export --format=xlsx peer/dataset

this now works too (so long as there's a sheet named "sheet1"), and an existing history in another format like JSON, CSV, or CBOR:

qri save --body dataset.xlsx --keep-format peer/dataset

Lots of work to do here, but early support for excel is an exciting addition.

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