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CSS selectors for querying and processing HTML trees in HXT
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CSS Selectors for HXT

This package adds css-style selectors to HXT that can be used for both querying and for processing sub-trees of HTML/XML documents.

CSS selectors are constructed either with the quasi-quoter css which allows for compile time validation of the selector patterns, or by using the function parseSelector :: String -> Maybe Selector.


-- Find each link that is inside a text paragraph in the main content
links = select [css|#content p a|] >>> getAttributeValue "href"

-- Change every unordered list that is a direct child of a div into an ordered list
ulToOl = process [css|div > ul|] $ setElemName (mkName "ol")

Current Status

hxt-css-selectors is a new project that is still mostly incomplete and highly unstable. My current priorities are

  1. Complete test suite that covers all the interesting parts of the CSS Level 3 Selectors document (in progress)
  2. Implementation that passes all tests (but might be ugly/hacky)
  3. Clean and elegant implementation
  4. Performance optimizations
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