A curated list of development tools
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A curated list of all of the development tools that I like. Pull requests accepted if I like them.


  • Atom - my weapon of choice when it comes to editing text files.
  • Choose A License - handy resource on OSS licenses by GitHub.
  • Emoji cheat sheet - because every commit message should include a 🐼
  • f.lux - prevents eyestrain
  • Focus - an app to block distracting websites. Nice design.
  • Homebrew - OSX package management

Front-End Web Development

Back-End Web Development

  • ngrok - tunnel local development servers to a public url 1
  • rbenv, ruby-build, & rbenv-gem-rehash - minimal alternative to RVM for ruby version management
  • ruby did_you_mean gem - help with NoMethodErrors
  • shotgun - auto-reloading server for Ruby development
  • squeel - nice query DSL so that you don't ever have to deal with SQL when using ActiveRecord
  • VagrantPress - Wordpress development in a Vagrant instance, so you don't have to muck around with MAMP

System Administration

  • Dokku - awesome do-it-yourself hosted PaaS using Heroku buildpacks
  • Heroku - awesome PaaS.
  • PagodaBox - because trying to do Wordpress on buildpack PaaS providers is annoying 2
  • Scout Realtime - beautifully executed open-source server monitoring in the browser.

Command Line


  • DevDocs - online documentation browser for web development languages and frameworks.
  • OmniRef - awesome online Ruby documentation browser. Includes EVERYTHING.

1 The original tool I used for this is localtunnel, which is simpler and unfortunately now defunct. The ngrok request introspection is a nice touch, though.

2 This is likely due to the fact that Wordpress itself is annoying.