Nov 14, 2014
Switch to a user/password authentication system using cookie sessions
Oct 27, 2014
fix style.css reference on subpages
Oct 25, 2014
multi-user todo list
Oct 6, 2014
v0.5.0 - configure ActiveRecord to use postgres on server, add remove…
… functionality
Oct 2, 2014
add tux
Oct 2, 2014
Use ActiveRecord to store data
- A database migration has been created for the todo_items table
- The database details were added to the top of app.rb
- That migration was run, creating the db/schema.rb file. The db/development.db file was added to .gitignore, since it's the database.
- The file models/TodoItem.rb was added to define an ActiveRecord model for the todo_items table
- The controllers in app.rb and the view in views/index.erb were modified to use ActiveRecord methods
Oct 1, 2014
Add ActiveRecord
Aug 15, 2014
Add Bootstrap CSS framework
- Use a list-group Bootstrap component for the to-do list
- Use a panel Bootstrap component for the form
- Use Bootstrap form markup for the form
- Add some custom styles for the header color and page background color.
Jun 30, 2014
upgrade to a sinatra-based web app
May 19, 2014
Demo pushing an assignment resubmission