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Emerson Yurivilca eyurivilc

Software developer

Huancayo, Perú

Elon Zito simsketch

Starve the ego. Feed the soul.

Zplex Delray Beach, FL

Vladimir Trukhin vtruhin

Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

@tankvn tankvn

Tank studio Vietnam

Zerui Hu alex1504

Souch China Agricultural University ShenZhen,GuangDong,China

Hui Cao nonocast

Shanghai Golden Bridge InfoTech Co.,Ltd Shanghai

Mike Bozee mikebozee

UI Designer and Python certificate student @ University of Washington.


Xuehua Cai pixcai

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Shanghai China

Ikbel Mikbel

I’m driven to succeed, have an intense desire to learn, insane self-initiative, and I want to make a difference in the world.


Johannus Vogel javogel

Exploring the creative act with code. Essentially curious.

Barcelona, Spain

Paul Schaefer pschfr

cyber person trying to change the world somehow

O2 Digital Creative Agency Pittsburgh, PA

Nathan Leung nathanhleung

Currently @LeungEnterprises

Leung Enterprises Philadelphia, PA

Nguyen Trung Tin NguyenTrungTin

/* On Space - Son of Mars */

@VinaEcom /* On Space */

Jonathan Lurie jonathanlurie

Software developer + neuro image viz & processing + map maker

McGill University - Neuro / MCIN Montreal, QC, Canada

Piotr Lewandowski piotrlewandowski

Imaginarium Lab ☂ London, UK

Michal Paszkiewicz MichalPaszkiewicz

Just a guy who likes to make things @MichalYouDoing

Transport for London London, England

Nikhil Mohan niksmac

Co-Founder of @lightrainstech, @big-org. Experimenting Blockchain, Cryptocurrency. Functional - Functors / Closures / Monad / Stream

@lightrainstech Trivandrum, India

Axes whxaxes


UC Guangzhou,China

Adithya J adithya321

Android Developer


Laszlo Levente Mári noxowe

Building things, breaking things. 👻

@popstand Budapest, Hungary

Dean Xia KepenJ

coder with coffee.

Cheetah Mobile Beijing

matt ythecombinator

Web alchemist who loves evangelizing cool things such as JS, FRP, UI/UX, illustration, open source & indie/folk music.

BEPiD ☁️

Sartaj sartaj

There's purple drank in my JavaScript.

Mayu Studios

Breno Polanski brenopolanski

Talk is cheap. Show me the code!!!

Meteorite BI -7° 13' 16", -35° 52' 46"

Booligoosh Booligoosh

I'm an amatuer web developer, graphic designer & programmer. I can do the Rubik's cube, and love maths & science. I mainly program in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

In front of a computer...

Javier Aránega jaranega

72U at 72andSunny L.A. Barcelona

Shrihari Shastry shriharishastry

Fullstack Web Dev Bengaluru

Adrià MrBrownser

@dendenim Barcelona, Spain

Magicshui magicshui


CuriosityChina Beijing China

咯克ok Allyns

In progress, continuously surpass ourselves, come on!

fb Shenzhen China