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V1.00 by finer bookmarks

expands firefox bookmark ability by restoring page position and selection

  • save and restore reading positions and small selections in web pages
  • especially useful for following forum threads
  • also usable as software version tracker

if a regular bookmark is created a title and url are stored,
invoking it fetches a page corresponding the saved url,
thereby the page is always displayed from top

imagine following a thread with some ten posts a day,
so if you resume reading after some days the thread will
have lots of new posts and pages and it might be difficult
to find the position you stopped reading at your last session

fineBook allows to restore your reading position and makes it
easy to follow up reading with some additional clicks only

version 1.00

  • reworked ui and logic
  • completely context menu driven
  • using current jpm framework

addon bar icon

  • activate and deactivate fineBook by clicking its icon in firefox addon bar
  • the fineBook icon in firefox addon bar mirrors the following states
    notifications are using the same symbols

on fineBook is active

off fineBook is deactivated

fine current page has a fineBook mark

nofine current page has not a fineBook mark

done last action successfully finished

warning warnings

errors errors

menu items

update update
stores current url, position, selection

restore restore
restores url, position, selection

fine fine
expands a regular bookmarks, to a fineBook mark

unfine unfine
reverts a fineBook mark to a regular bookmark

about about
opens about panel to check version and make donation


  • auto restore
    activates/deactivates automatic position and selection restore

  • hints
    activates/deactivates hint messages
    error messages are displayed anyway


  • select date and time of forum posts to find last reading position
  • select version or release date to keep track of favorite software
  • if selection is not unique on page
    first occurrence is restored
    wrong page position might be restored
  • if no selection is made only position is stored
  • if page position or selection isn't restored correctly
    click bookmark again or refresh page by pressing F5
    or click refresh symbol in browser url field
  • restore is done after page has loaded completely
    this might last a while on pages with external content like ads, images etc.
  • further clicks on update button will search for further occurrence of selection
  • to revert fineBook marks to regular bookmarks
    click menu/fineBook/unfine
  • status messages are displayed near the tray bar of the desktop
  • deactivate options/hints to reduce status messages

test drive


  • install fineBook
  • if you do not see the fineBook icon in toolbar
    right click toolbar/customize
    draw fineBook icon to toolbar

prepare bookmark for use with fineBook

  • click existing bookmark in firefox
  • right click firefox window to open context menu
  • click menu/fineBook/fine

update fineBook mark

  • scroll to arbitrary position in web page
  • optionally select some (unique) text in page
  • click menu/fineBook/update
    url, position and selection is stored with bookmark
    title of bookmark is not changed

continue browsing

  • if you visit bookmark later
    url, position and selection is restored


  • uses bookmark keyword for selection text and position storing
  • selection restore is limited to 30 characters
  • fineBook does not work on pages opened in sidebar
  • some web pages need to activate java script to make fineBook work

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