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module M
### Simple data structure for what a test method contains.
# Too lazy to make a class for this when it's really just a bag of data
# without any behavior.
# Includes the name of this method, what line on the file it begins on,
# and where it ends.
class TestMethod <, :start_line, :end_line)
# Set up a new test method for this test suite class
def self.create(suite_class, test_method)
# Hopefully it's been defined as an instance method, so we'll need to
# look up the ruby Method instance for it
method = suite_class.instance_method(test_method)
# Ruby can find the starting line for us, so pull that out of the array
start_line = method.source_location.last
# Ruby can't find the end line however, and I'm too lazy to write
# a parser. Instead, `method_source` adds `Method#source` so we can
# deduce this ourselves.
# The end line should be the number of line breaks in the method source,
# added to the starting line and subtracted by one.
require "method_source"
end_line = method.source.split("\n").size + start_line - 1
# Shove the given attributes into a new databag
new(test_method, start_line, end_line)
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