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== TODO list
* Color code flog results with scale from:
* Extract functionality from rake files and put under test
* Integrate Flog, Saikuro, and Coverage into one report so you can see methods that have high complexity and low coverage (this is a big one)
* Integrate MD5 hashing with remainder of reports
* Move HTML out of code and into templates/
* Replace #generate_report with #new on each metric class
* Make each class descend from MetricFu::CodeMetric
* Generate metrics:* rake tasks for each of CodeMetric's descendants
* Update flog specs so that they actually run flog
* Add flay specs that run flay
* Convert readme to markdown and rename to README.mkdn so github will render it
* Saikuro.rb falls over if tries to parse an empty file. Fair enough. We shouldn't feed it empty files