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Since we're execing, full_install doesn't work. Removing it.

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5 README.textile
@@ -3,10 +3,9 @@ Attempting to combine the awesomeness of various vim plugins in one easy configu
To install, there's a few rake tasks you should know:
@rake preinstall@ Pulls down git submodules.
@rake install@ Copies files over to ~/.vim
-@rake uninstall@ Deletes ~/.vim
-And some meta tasks:
-@rake full_install@ Preinstalls, uninstall, install.
+And if you need to:
+@rake uninstall@ Deletes ~/.vim
@rake reinstall@ Uninstall, install.
If you want to add your own folders, plugins, or what have you, feel free! Just put whatever files you want in the @personal@ folder. Check out the @Rakefile@ and go for it.
3 Rakefile
@@ -28,6 +28,3 @@ end
desc "Blow everything out and try again."
task :reinstall => [:uninstall, :install]
-desc "Full install of the scripts"
-task :full_install => [:preinstall, :reinstall]

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