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qrush committed Aug 9, 2010
1 parent 407e138 commit c5048f84f758c23f745dc0bd03f0e1aa81a353c2
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@@ -19,3 +19,6 @@
[submodule "ack.vim"]
path = ack.vim
url = git://
+[submodule "tabular"]
+ path = tabular
+ url = git://
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
require 'rake'
FOLDERS = %w(colors ftdetect ftplugin indent syntax doc plugin autoload)
-SCRIPTS = %w(personal nerdtree vim-cucumber vim-rails vim-git vim-haml vim-scratch ack.vim)
+SCRIPTS = %w(personal tabular nerdtree vim-cucumber vim-rails vim-git vim-haml vim-scratch ack.vim)
DOTVIM = "#{ENV['HOME']}/.vim"
desc "Pull down submodules"
@@ -0,0 +1,135 @@
+" Vim color scheme
+" Name: customtwilight.vim
+" Author: Josh Clayton
+" Based on the Twilight theme for TextMate
+" Distributable under the same terms as Vim itself (see :help license)
+if has("gui_running")
+ set background=dark
+hi clear
+if exists("syntax_on")
+" syntax reset
+let colors_name = "customtwilight"
+function! s:hifg(group,guifg,...)
+ exe "highlight ".a:group." guifg=".a:guifg
+function! s:hibg(group,guibg,...)
+ exe "highlight ".a:group." guibg=".a:guibg
+call s:hifg("Normal","#EEEEEE","White",87)
+if &background == "light" || has("gui_running")
+ hi Normal guibg=#141414 ctermbg=Black
+ hi Normal guibg=Black ctermbg=NONE
+highlight StatusLine guifg=Black guibg=#aabbee gui=bold ctermfg=Black ctermbg=White cterm=bold
+highlight StatusLineNC guifg=#444444 guibg=#aaaaaa gui=none ctermfg=Black ctermbg=Grey cterm=none
+highlight WildMenu guifg=Black guibg=#ffff00 gui=bold ctermfg=Black ctermbg=Yellow cterm=bold
+highlight Cursor guifg=Black guibg=White ctermfg=Black ctermbg=White
+highlight NonText guifg=#404040 ctermfg=8
+highlight Directory none
+high link Directory Identifier
+highlight ErrorMsg guibg=Red ctermbg=DarkRed guifg=NONE ctermfg=NONE
+highlight Search guifg=NONE ctermfg=NONE gui=none cterm=none
+call s:hibg("Search" ,"#555555","Black",81)
+highlight IncSearch guifg=White guibg=Black ctermfg=White ctermbg=Black
+highlight MoreMsg guifg=#00AA00 ctermfg=Green
+highlight Question none
+high link Question MoreMsg
+highlight VisualNOS gui=none cterm=none
+call s:hibg("Visual" ,"#555577","LightBlue",83)
+call s:hibg("VisualNOS" ,"#444444","DarkBlue",81)
+highlight WarningMsg guifg=Red ctermfg=Red
+highlight Folded guibg=#1100aa ctermbg=DarkBlue
+call s:hibg("Folded" ,"#110077")
+call s:hifg("Folded" ,"#aaddee")
+highlight FoldColumn none
+high link FoldColumn Folded
+highlight Pmenu guifg=White ctermfg=White gui=bold cterm=bold
+highlight PmenuSel guifg=White ctermfg=White gui=bold cterm=bold
+call s:hibg("Pmenu" ,"#000099","Blue",18)
+call s:hibg("PmenuSel" ,"#5555ff","DarkCyan",39)
+highlight PmenuSbar guibg=Grey ctermbg=Grey
+highlight PmenuThumb guibg=White ctermbg=White
+highlight TabLine gui=underline cterm=underline
+call s:hifg("TabLine" ,"#bbbbbb")
+call s:hibg("TabLine" ,"#333333")
+highlight TabLineSel guifg=White guibg=Black ctermfg=White ctermbg=Black
+highlight TabLineFill gui=underline cterm=underline
+call s:hifg("TabLineFill","#bbbbbb")
+call s:hibg("TabLineFill","#808080")
+match Error /\%80v.\+/
+let tm_comment="#5e5a60"
+let tm_constant="#b86f4f"
+let tm_entity="#907241"
+let tm_keyword="#c3aa6b"
+let tm_storage="#f5ef9b"
+let tm_string="#929d6b"
+let tm_support="#96869d"
+let tm_variable="#7b86a5"
+let tm_string_regexp="#dec266"
+let tm_string_regexp_special="#bb8139"
+let tm_support_constant="#b86f4f"
+let red="#611506"
+let grey="#333333"
+call s:hibg("Error", red)
+call s:hibg("SpecialKey", red)
+call s:hifg("Folded", tm_support)
+call s:hibg("Folded", "#222222")
+call s:hifg("SpecialKey", "#ffffff")
+call s:hifg("Title", tm_support)
+call s:hifg("Comment", tm_comment)
+call s:hifg("String", tm_string)
+call s:hifg("Constant", tm_support_constant)
+call s:hifg("Function", tm_entity)
+call s:hifg("Identifier", tm_variable)
+call s:hifg("Statement", tm_keyword)
+call s:hifg("Conditional",tm_keyword)
+call s:hifg("Repeat", tm_keyword)
+call s:hifg("Type", tm_constant)
+call s:hifg("Regexp", tm_string_regexp)
+call s:hifg("PreProc", tm_keyword)
+call s:hifg("Special", tm_string_regexp_special)
+call s:hifg("Include", tm_keyword)
+" Ruby-specific
+call s:hifg("rubyPredefinedConstant", tm_variable)
+call s:hifg("rubyStringDelimiter", tm_string)
+call s:hifg("rubyStringEscape", tm_keyword)
+call s:hifg("rubyInterpolation", tm_storage)
+call s:hifg("rubyInterpolationDelimiter", tm_storage)
+call s:hifg("rubyPseudoOperator", tm_variable)
+call s:hifg("rubyInstanceVariable", tm_variable)
+call s:hifg("rubyConstant", tm_support)
+call s:hifg("rubyModule", tm_keyword)
+call s:hifg("rubyModuleDeclaration", tm_storage)
+call s:hifg("rubyPseudoVariable", tm_variable)
+call s:hifg("rubyControl", tm_keyword)
+call s:hifg("rubyFunction", tm_entity)
+call s:hifg("rubyEval", tm_storage)
+call s:hibg("rubyEval", red)
+call s:hifg("railsMethod", tm_storage)
+call s:hifg("rubySymbol", tm_constant)
+call s:hifg("rubyIdentifier", tm_variable)
+call s:hibg("CursorLine", grey)
+call s:hibg("CursorColumn", grey)
+call s:hifg("LineNr", "#dddddd")
+call s:hibg("LineNr", grey)
Submodule tabular added at f4d460

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