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# Seen at: and in grml.
# Robust replacement for global aliases, and you can edit them too.
# requires extended globbing.
typeset -A abbrevs
abbrevs=('...' '../..'
'....' '../../..'
'BG' '& exit'
'C' '| wc -l'
'G' '|& grep --color=auto'
'H' '| head'
'L' '| less'
'LL' '|& less -r'
'N' '&>/dev/null'
'R' '| tr A-z N-za-m'
'SL' '| sort | less'
'S' '| sort -u'
'T' '| tail'
'da' 'du -sch'
'j' 'jobs -l'
'CH' "./configure --help"
'dir' 'ls -lSrah'
'lad' $'ls -d .*(/)\n# only show dot-directories'
'lsa' $'ls -a .*(.)\n# only show dot-files'
'lss' $'ls -l *(s,S,t)\n# only files with setgid/setuid/sticky flag'
'lsl' $'ls -l *(@[1,10])\n# only symlinks'
'lsx' $'ls -l *(*[1,10])\n# only executables'
'lsw' $'ls -ld *(R,W,X.^ND/)\n# world-{readable,writable,executable} files'
'lsbig' $'ls -flh *(.OL[1,10])\n# display the biggest files'
'lsd' $'ls -d *(/)\n# only show directories'
'lse' $'ls -d *(/^F)\n# only show empty directories'
'lsnew' $'ls -rl *([1,10])\n# display the newest files'
'lsold' $'ls -rtlh *([-11,-1])\n# display the oldest files'
'lssmall' $'ls -Srl *(.oL[1,10])\n# display the smallest files'
'rw-' 'chmod 600'
'600' 'chmod u+rw-x,g-rwx,o-rwx'
'rwx' 'chmod u+rwx'
'700' 'chmod u+rwx,g-rwx,o-rwx'
'r--' 'chmod u+r-wx,g-rwx,o-rwx'
'644' $'chmod u+rw-x,g+r-wx,o+r-wx\n # 4=r,2=w,1=x'
'755' 'chmod u+rwx,g+r-w+x,o+r-w+x'
'md' 'mkdir -p '
'insecssh' 'ssh -o "StrictHostKeyChecking=no" -o "UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null"'
'insecscp' 'scp -o "StrictHostKeyChecking=no" -o "UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null"'
'cx' 'chmod +x'
'e' 'print -l'
'se' 'setopt interactivecomments'
'cvss' 'cvs -q -n update'
# Create global aliases from the abbreviations.
for abbr in ${(k)abbrevs}; do
alias -g $abbr="${abbrevs[$abbr]}"
globalias() {
local MATCH
zle self-insert
zle -N globalias
# List abbreviations and abbr binding, picks out help in green.
H-Abbrevs() {
echo "Displaying shell abbreviations"
echo "Keybinding is:" ${$(bindabbr | grep globalias)[1]}
for abbr in ${(ok)abbrevs}; do
printf "%-20s: %s" $abbr ${abbrevs[$abbr]:s/
/$fg[green] /} # Replaces newlines with spaces
print -l $reset_color
# run command line as user root via sudo:
sudo-command-line() {
[[ -z $BUFFER ]] && zle up-history
[[ $BUFFER != sudo\ * ]] && BUFFER="sudo $BUFFER"
zle -N sudo-command-line
# run command line with noglob set:
noglob-command-line() {
[[ -z $BUFFER ]] && zle up-history
[[ $BUFFER != noglob\ * ]] && BUFFER="noglob $BUFFER"
zle -N noglob-command-line