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This project is an effort to program for Arduino hardware using pure C. You will need the Arduino base software (arduino-core Debian package) to be installed.


This package contains:

  • a Makefile: self-sufficient (aside Arduino software itself) to compile C++ Arduino projects (including *.ino files) or a pure C Arduino project without libraries or serial access (no /dev/ttyACM0 during execution).
  • C core files: porting of a part of the C++ Arduino core for serial communications.
  • examples:
  • blink: see http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Blink
  • bargraph: see http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/BarGraph
  • digit: controls a single 7 segment display
  • shift: same, through a shift register (serial to parallel)

Set up

First, decide how you will call the Makefile.

Option 1

The most convenient way is to add a symbolic link to the Makefile in the project. For example:

    Makefile -> ../Makefile

Then, you can just change dir to bargraph and run make (the Makefile assumes core/ is in the same directory as the regular file Makefile).

Option 2

If you cannot use symbolic link or are not sure how to use them, just copy Makefile and core/ in your project directory:


Again, you can compile by running just make.

Option 3

Finally, you can of course use:

make -f ../arduino.c/Makefile


Then, check that the following variables are set to the right values:

VAR Preset value Description
TARGET program target program name (program.o, program.hex)
BOARD leonardo identifier of the board
ARD_BASE /usr/share/arduino installation path of arduino (or sources)
PORT /dev/ttyACM0 file pointing to the serial connection
LIB_OBJ $(BASE_PATH)/obj building directory for C core (e.g. /tmp/xyz)
LIB_C $(BASE_PATH)/core source directory for C core (c_*.c)

Note: $(BASE_PATH) is the directory where the Makefile is located

If you want to compile C++ Arduino project (like the Arduino IDE does), you should add " MODE=cpp" to every call to the make command. If you prefer, you can just uncomment the appropriate line in the Makefile.

The Makefile support the following commands:

  • make same as make all
  • make all build the .hex file to be sent to the board
  • make clean remove the project object files (*.o)
  • make cleanobj remove the global object files (obj/)
  • make destroy same as make clean and remove the .hex file
  • make rebuild same as make destroy all
  • make upload upload the .hex file to the board