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# /bin/sh
if [ "$SPKG_LOCAL" = "" ]; then
echo "SPKG_LOCAL undefined ... exiting";
echo "Maybe run 'qsnake --shell'?"
exit 1
set -e
# This is absolutely crucial. Qsnake has $RM="rm", and if that is so, then the
# configure script below keeps it as RM="rm" and the make fails later on. In
# Ubuntu, $RM is not defined, then the configure script below sets RM="rm -f"
# and the make succeeds. So to fix this, we need to unset RM, and then all is
# fine.
unset RM
# On Fedora 14, the "rt" library is not linked properly, so we need to help it:
export LDFLAGS="-lrt"
# The configure script is already committed in the repository. But it is
# generated using:
./configure --prefix=$SPKG_LOCAL --with-gnutls
make install