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Neppord commented Mar 1, 2011

Import sys
from math import cos

One of the big problems with JS is the lack of suport for modules:

We realy needs to fix this

I belive that some kinde of object needs to be crated and held in a array like in real python, but how can we hide the array when the sys module(i think it is) is not loaded?

lets discuss modules on the mailing list.


certik commented Mar 1, 2011

Indeed, this has to be fixed.


ghost commented Jul 30, 2011

what can be done regarding this issue ?


Neppord commented Jul 30, 2011

my best guess is to work on the branch here, it has support for tags in javascript and imports from that.

This branch is now waiting for merges with an unfinished branch on Chivres repo.

But right now it seams as if the py2js have Summer vacation.


ghost commented Jul 30, 2011

Thanks for tip, I was also looking for guidance and how to do it.

BTW, I'm doing a wrapper around javascript libraries for py2js I bundled the current version of py2js from the qsnake repository. The project just started I don't know py2js enough to start hacking on it right away, and I would prefer to use. I will contribute back code once I hit a wall. The project is hosted at


Neppord commented Jul 31, 2011

In that case i want to issue a warning, this project is far from finished. and are low on commitment for the moment.


ghost commented Jul 31, 2011

I know. So far it works well enough I get back to you to let you know the outcome of my experiments.

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